Non-Refundable Policy

Please be reminded that all services, products and events which include but are not limited to FULLY LOADED 2021 are NON-REFUNDABLE. Our policy at INKDUNCAN.COM constitutes that all ticket purchase(s) are FINAL SALE. There are NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES for tickets purchased for any of our programs and/or events. If for any reason you are no longer able to make an event or program, please prayerfully consider your purchase as a seed sown to advance the Kingdom of God in spreading the Gospel and/or a friend or loved-one that would be blessed from the event.


At the time of your ticket purchase, you were securing your seat for FULLY LOADED 2021 in advance. With limited seating, ALL ticket purchases are and were FINAL SALE. All ticket holders for FULLY LOADED 2021, were made aware that their ticket(s) are NON-REFUNDABLE. With this understanding, there will be NO REFUNDS issued for tickets purchased or to be purchased.


As we push forth the agenda and Kingdom of God on earth please be respectful of our NON-REFUNDABLE Policy as all sales are FINAL SALE and utilized to cultivate the promise of God over the business/ministry that we have been entrusted with.


Thank you for your understanding. We look forward to servicing you again.